About us

Kingtech is a leading tech company in the industries of Fintech, crypto, forex and Live Game. Over the past years, we have been growing significantly by expanding our activities. We feel really grateful thanks to your support. Without your support, we can not be what we are now. Let's wait for our new products and services in the 2021-2025 period for global development.



Become a leading prestigious, classy and professional investment company on Blockchain technology with some major activities: Decentralized exchange, Game Dapp, Robot AI

Core values

Provide services on the decentralized platform to the globe. Be an ecosystem managed by a non-profitable organization. Kingtech is built to serve those who like entertaining contents in the world, not to gain profits. All the members of Kingtech will benefit from the company's prosperity


Create a DeFi revolution, a financial revolution for the future of the globe


Crypto Loans + Fintech payments

(Borrow cash or coins using your crypto)

Bot AI Trading Forex

(Robot AI trades Forex)

Decentralized Exchange


NFT + FomoJackpot

(Decentralized lottery)

Blockchain Kichain

(security - scalability - innovation.)

token kingtech

  • Marketing
  • Ico
  • Future development
  • Unknown printer
  • Airdrop staking
  • Founder team

500.000.000 KIN (Binance smart chain)

Max suply
Starting price (usd)

Leadership team

Tracey Jacobs


Michael Johnson

Product Manager

Michele Troughton

Digital marketing

Tim Smith

Developer Blockchain


Quarter I /2021

Focus on developing and completing key products: Kinggame and Kingoption
Conduct a test run for Kinggame and KingOption.
Prepare for ICO

Quarter II /2021

Launch KingGame
Launch KingOption
Conduct ICO

Quarter III /2021

Develop NFT on KingTech platform
Develop Fomo Jackpot
Develop GameDapp

Quarter IV/2021

Conduct a test run for Fomo Jackpot
Develop NFT on KingTech platform

Quarter I/2022

Develop bot AI trading system
Develop KIDEX
Issue NFT on KingTech

Quarter II/2022

Develop KIDEX
Launch Game Dapp

Quarter III/2022

Build up KiChain
Build up Crypto Loans

Quarter IV/2022

Conduct a test run for Crypto Loans
Develop KiChain
Complete GameDapp system

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